About GK Neiroklīnika

High-level specialist care in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases since 2013. Our principal objective is to diagnose the patients quickly and precisely to provide safe and efficient treatment.


“Our mission is to diagnose and treat neurological diseases of any complexity to help improve the quality of life for patients and their loved ones.”

To achieve our goals and fulfil our mission, we have created a strong and professional team with the best specialists in their field – doctors, and nurses.

We have modern diagnostic and treatment equipment. Our specialists actively and regularly participate in various international seminars and conferences, as well as are members of various associations. Thus, GK Neiroklīnika can always offer the latest and internationally recognised diagnostic and treatment methods.

Our values


Patients were, are and will always be the main focus of GK Neiroklīnika. Our team, equipment, environment, expertise, and various internal procedures are designed and engineered to provide patients with the highest quality neurological care.


The power of teamwork! The skills, knowledge and experiences of our specialists are complementary. Specialists of GK Neiroklīnika inspire colleagues, patients and their relatives to new achievements, cooperation and active participation in the treatment process to make recovery faster and easier.


Time is everyone's greatest asset. We strive to provide patients with specialist advice, accurate diagnostic methods and individually customised effective treatment plans as soon as possible.

Educate and inform society

The causes and symptoms of neurological diseases are very diverse. Many symptoms are often neglected until the problem has significantly worsened, therefore, one of our tasks is also to educate and inform society about neurological diseases. Nothing is more effective than timely diagnosis, lifestyle changes, treatment of causes, and prevention.

“Useful information” section

In the “Useful information” section, we publish a variety of up-to-date information on issues related to neurological diseases.

Social networks

We regularly publish useful information on health improvement and disease prevention on the GK Neiroklīnika Facebook page.


Our specialists participate in various scientific research projects, as well as give interviews and help the media to express competent information to the public.

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