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GK Neiroklīnika is a private clinic of neurologists.

We are consulting patients with neurological diseases, such as wide range descent of back pain and radicular syndromes, dizziness and incoordination, paroxsysm of unconsciousness and epilepsy, neurological infections, demyelinating diseases (including multiple sclerosis), peripheral nerve diseases, headaches, parkinsonismus, hyperkinesia, etc.

We are performing following medical examinations: head and neck blood vessels duplex sonography with the latest generation Philips ultrasonograph, electromyography/ neurography, electroencephalography, video head impulse test, audiometry and tympanometry.

Consultations by doctors of other specialties are available!

GK Neiroklīnika was founded in 2013, by highly proffessional doctors, to consult and treat patients with neurological diseases.

Serious work experience in the treatment of diseases of our certified physicians, gained while working at university hospitals, as well as teaching students and residents along with latest and most advanced diagnostic methods available in our clinic, guarantees highly qualified and professional diagnosing and treatment of neurological diseases.

Our specialists have extended their knowledge, participating in international conferences and symposiums abroad. Consultations by a neurologist, neuro otolaryngologist, algologist, rheumatologist, therapist, phlebologist, traumatologist, cardiologist and doctors of other specialties, as well as neurography/electromyography, electroencephalography, quantitative sensory testing, head and neck vascular duplex sonography, peripheral nerve ultrasonography, blockades and other minimally invasive manipulations are now available in GK “Neiroklīnika”.

In GK Neiroklīnika all doctors are working in a team, diagnosing diseases in very difficult cases. If necessary, highly proffessional foreign specialists are also involved.