Algologist - prices

First consultation of an algologist-neurologist, 45 min.85,00 EUR
Repeated consultation of an algologist-neurologist (within a period of 2 months), 30 min.75,00 EUR
First consultation of an algologist, 1 h70,00 EUR
Repeated consultation of an algologist (within a period of 2 months), 30 min. 60,00 EUR
Trigeminal neuromodulation for headaches with CEFALY@ 20 min.20,00 EUR
Block of trigger points for one localisation50,00 EUR
Block of trigger points for two localisations60,00 EUR
Onabotulinum toxin injections for the therapy of chronic migraine (consultation; medications; injections)500,00 EUR

Algologist in Riga: consultations and examinations

Algologist’s assistance in the case of pain

Pain signals a problem, and often occurs after medical manipulations. Once a disease is eliminated, it usually disappears, however, not immediately. There are also diseases, including chronic ones, that are not so easily preventable, but the pain they cause can be reduced. Modern professionals are more knowledgeable and powerful. The algologist will find out the cause of your pain and will help to reduce it.

Pain therapist - algologist

According to reputable European studies, pain is a major health problem. One-fifth of people live with chronic pain. It is therefore no wonder that doctors are increasingly studying algology, especially neurologists and anaesthesiologists. Of course, every doctor in their field will be able to prevent pain – dentist, cardiologist, and any other specialist. However, there are cases when the pain is unbearable and long-lasting, when the whole body is hurting and knowledge of the cause of suffering does not help to alleviate it.

The help of an algologist is most often needed by people who suffer from:

  • joint and muscle pain;
  • connective tissue and soft tissue pain;
  • pain after surgery or injury;
  • chronic headache;
  • back pain;
  • chronic pelvic pain in the case of urogenital problems;
  • oncologic pain;
  • neuropathic pain, including diabetes;
  • trigeminal neuritis or other neuralgic pain.

Highly qualified algologist in Riga, Brīvības gatve 410 – GK Neiroklīnika.

Highly qualified algologist at GK Neiroklīnika

In both acute and chronic illnesses, the doctor’s main goal is to cure the illness. If this is not possible, the specialist will try to reduce the symptoms. If the illness is chronic, it will not be possible to free the person of the disease; even the pain cannot be fully eliminated; however, it can be reduced.

Even if very specific examinations are performed, it is not always possible to determine the true cause of the pain. For example, over the years, changes in the spine occur to all people, but not everyone suffers from unbearable pain. Also, additional examinations often do not give the desired result – the disease is identified and treated, but the pain does not go away. However, the pain can be alleviated in any situation – yes, cancer is accompanied by pain, but it can be limited. Also, so-called age-related diseases are associated with physical suffering, but they can be alleviated by improving the quality of life and allowing a person to spend each day with joy and satisfaction.

Chronic pain is not something to put up with. At the same time, we must be aware that it will not be prevented by magic – be armed with patience, as well as prepared to work closely with the doctor, and be determined to do everything to make the result satisfactory.

Consultation with an algologist

Description of the consultation with an algologist:

  • the doctor will ask you about the symptoms and course of the disease;
  • the specialist will also be interested in previous examinations and treatment, therefore, it is recommended to bring the data of examinations performed so far and the list of medicines used;
  • the algologist will perform an examination and, if necessary, prescribe additional examinations;
  • your doctor will prepare an individually adapted treatment programme.

The range of solutions is constantly expanding

Medicine is evolving. Not only are more effective medicines being developed, but their use is also being diversified. The latest technologies allow one to pinpoint the location of the nerve damage so that in the case of a blockage the drug is administered exactly where the result will be most effective, i.e. the pain will be relieved. Algologists work closely with physiotherapists, psychologists, psychotherapists, family doctors and other specialists. They will also recommend additional pain-relieving procedures: therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy or other pain-relieving methods.

Do not put up with pain!

Adjusting to pain affects not only the human body but also the psyche. The person becomes easily irritated, cheerless, depressed, dissatisfied with life, and angry with the whole world. In the form of a boomerang effect, this in turn is reflected in human health. How do you break the cycle? If you suffer from pain that is unavoidable and interferes with normal life, do not hesitate to consult an algologist – the specialist will help you find the cause, as well as recommend the best way to treat the pain. Our clinic employs knowledgeable specialists with considerable experience in algology. And their patients, including people with severe diseases, live every day to the fullest!

Algologist in Riga, Brīvības gatve 410 – GK Neiroklīnika

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