Infectious diseases specialist - prices

First consultation of an infectologist, 30 – 45 min. 70,00 EUR
Repeated consultation of an infectologist (within a period of 2 months), 20 min. 60,00 EUR

Infectious diseases specialist in Riga: consultations and examinations at GK Neiroklīnika

Advice and help of an infectious diseases specialist

Highly qualified infectious diseases specialist in Riga will provide advice and assistance.

The allure of exotic lands is not an unattainable dream today. More and more people go on holiday far away from home. Also, we often hear the media report outbreaks and risks of dangerous infections in one part of the world or another. It is true though that there is always a risk of infection everywhere – the media reports new viruses and another seasonal epidemics of influenza at home as well, and rightly informs us that infections are widespread and can have serious consequences, especially if the disease is not detected and treated properly. What are the options? Give up holidays in tropical countries? Stop eating tropical fruits? Wash your hands every minute? Avoid contact? Refuse a blood transfusion? Get vaccinated? There are hundreds of questions to which an infectologist can give you the surest answers. The specialist also knows what tests to take if a disease is suspected, and is experienced to treat the disease and its consequences.

Infectologist’s field of expertise

An infectologist or infectious diseases specialist is a doctor whose field of expertise is the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. There is a risk of infection all around – it can be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. We live with many of these organisms with ease, but in some circumstances, they can cause illness. Sometimes an infection is spread from contact with humans, other times as a result of bites from insects or animals. Also, water and improperly handled or stored food can cause infections.

The most common signs of an infection are fever, weakness, diarrhoea, and muscle pain. Sometimes treatment at home is enough and the disease recedes; other times you need the help of a family doctor, especially if you have another illness or a weakened immune system. Some infectious diseases are life-threatening and will require hospitalisation. In some cases, both in the case of a virus and a bacterial or parasitic infection, you will also need the advice of an infectologist.

Infectologist’s consultations in Riga, Brīvības gatve 410 – GK Neiroklīnika

When should you see an infectologist?

Infectious diseases specialist: when should you schedule an appointment?

  • If you have an infection that cannot be treated by your GP, including unclear illness with jaundice, fever, rash, and other symptoms.
  • If you have a chronic infection, such as chronic hepatitis C, which requires professional care.
  • If you need advice on preventive measures, for example, before travelling to further lands where there is a risk of infection and vaccination may be needed.

If you want to travel, you see an infectologist at least eight weeks before the planned trip. He will explain the risks in the particular country, and inform you of what vaccinations are mandatory. Even if the deadline is overdue and there are only a few days left, a visit to an infectologist will still be useful – he will suggest how to better protect yourself and what medicines to put in your suitcase just in case.

Infectologist in Riga consults at Brīvības gatve 410. Consultation and examinations of an infectious diseases specialist. Call and schedule an appointment.

How should you prepare for the consultation?

Before the consultation, you should look for all the copies and results of examinations performed so far and take them with you – the examination results will allow the specialist to make a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment that best suits your condition, as well as make your daily life easier as the tests won’t have to be repeated.

Description of the consultation

During the consultation, the infectologist will clarify your complaints, ask questions, examine, as well as look at the results of the tests performed so far. It is likely that the infectologist will refer you for additional tests to receive more information and to choose the most appropriate treatment, including –

  • viral, bacteriological or parasitological diagnostics;
  • blood testing;
  • medical imaging.

Do not postpone the visit!

At our clinic, you will receive extensive advice from an infectologist if you have decided to travel to faraway lands on holiday. The infectologist will also advise you if you have a suspected gastrointestinal infection, tick-borne encephalitis, diphtheria, viral hepatitis, HIV, or other infection, as well as prescribe examinations and treatment. The specialist will be your trusted ally throughout the recovery process! Many years of experience, constant learning, and modern equipment are the key to the success of our clinic.

Apply for a consultation with a highly qualified infectologist today – GK Neiroklīnika – highly qualified infectologist in Riga

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