Neurologist - prices

First consultation of a neurologist, 30 min. – 1 h 70,00 EUR
Repeated consultation of a neurologist (within a period of 2 months), 20 – 45 min. 60,00 EUR
First consultation of a professor in neurology, 40 min. – 1 h 95,00 EUR
Repeated consultation of a professor in neurology (within a period of 2 months), 30 – 45 min. 85,00 EUR
First consultation of a pediatrician – sleep disorder specialist 70,00 EUR
Repeated consultation of a pediatrician – sleep disorder specialist (within a period of 2 months) 60,00 EUR
First consultation of a neurologist – sleep disorder specialist 70,00 EUR
Repeated consultation of a neurologist – sleep disorder specialist (within a period of 2 months) 60,00 EUR
Consultation of potential diagnostics, performance of manipulations or therapy abroad, 30 min. 55,00 EUR
Ultrasound examination of brachiocephalic (neck) blood vessels in adults. 60,00 EUR
Transcranial ultrasound examination of (head) blood vessels in adults. 60,00 EUR
Testing of autonomous (vegetative) nervous system, 30 min. 60,00 EUR

Neurologist in Riga: consultations and examinations

A neurologist diagnoses and treats diseases related to the nerves, brain, and spinal cord, their sheaths, and blood vessels. The goal of a neurologist is to identify the causes of the symptoms or disease, the location, and type of damage to the nervous system, and to design the most effective and complete treatment plan.

Neurological disorders can not only cause physical pain but also reduce the quality of life and cause emotional discomfort, therefore our specialists invite you to make an appointment with a neurologist as soon as your GP suspects a neurological problem.

The treatment of nervous system diseases requires a complex approach, combining several treatment methods. Some of them:

  • therapeutic gymnastics;
  • physical therapy;
  • massage;
  • water procedures;
  • proper lifestyle and nutrition;
  • if needed, blockades;
  • osteoreflexotherapy and other procedures;
  • surgical procedures;
  • medications.


When to seek a neurologist’s help

The symptoms of neurological diseases can vary greatly, but if they are neglected, the patient’s health and quality of life can deteriorate significantly, so any medical professional recommends that you visit a neurologist as soon as a neurological disease is suspected.

Common symptoms suggestive of neurological diseases

  • Prolonged and severe headache
  • Dizziness or blurred vision, such as double vision
  • Prolonged pain in the back, shoulders, waist or neck, legs or arms
  • Imbalance or unstable gait
  • Motor disorders
  • Loss of consciousness with or without convulsions
  • Tingling sensation, sensory or movement disorders, muscle weakness
  • Tremor or involuntary movements
  • Speech or memory disorders
  • Weakness or fear, feeling depressed
  • Sleep disorders
  • Difficulty concentrating


How to prepare for a consultation with a neurologist

To make the consultation with a neurologist as productive and result-orientated as possible, the patient should prepare for it.

Some tips on how to prepare for a consultation with a neurologist

  • Make a list of symptoms with their approximate onset and intensity, as well as a family history of medical conditions if a family member has had a neurological illness.
  • Make a list of the medicines you take regularly or have recently taken.
  • Make a list of other observations.
  • Make a list of questions so that you do not forget anything during the consultation.
  • If you have the results of previous examinations (previous examinations by a neurologist), take them with you.
  • If you are scheduled to have an additional test or examination on the day of the consultation, make sure that it does not require preparation (for example, do not take medication, etc.).
  • Bring note paper and a pen to write down the most important recommendations.


Description of a neurologist’s consultation

Usually, the purpose of the first consultation is to learn about the patient’s complaints and order additional examinations or consultations with other specialists in a more specific field, which would result in the most effective diagnosis and treatment plan.

During the consultation, the doctor questions the patient about the complaints, their duration, other illnesses the patient suffers from, the medication used, etc. The neurologist will perform a neurological examination and, if necessary, order additional examinations, such as neurography, quantitative sensory testing, autonomic nervous system testing, Duplex sonography of the blood vessels of the head and neck, electroencephalography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, etc. to perform an accurate diagnosis and decide on proper treatment.

GK Neiroklīnika provides most of the specific neurological examinations. Besides, if it is not possible to provide the examination at our clinic, the specialists will offer information about the possible examinations with our cooperation partners.

Individual approach to every patient

The problem of pain must usually be addressed in a complex way, both by adjusting lifestyle, daily routines, and eating habits, and relying on the expertise of a neurologist ‒ the prescribed medicine and procedures. Our clinic employs knowledgeable and experienced specialists who have trained with the best experts in the field and mastered the most advanced treatment practices of various neurological problems. They will listen, consult, thoroughly examine, and offer the most effective treatment. For our doctors, each patient is a personality who needs undivided attention and an individual solution.

Neurologist's consultation

The team of GK Neiroklīnika includes the best neurologists in Latvia. Many of them practice in a very narrow and specific field to be able to make a very accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for our patients. The modern medical equipment at our disposal also plays an important role in both diagnostics and treatment.

Apply for a neurologist’s consultation at GK Neiroklīnika in Riga, Brīvības gatve 410.

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