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Hardly anyone thinks of how blood daily flows and quietly does its work through countless vascular networks, allowing us to live, move, dream and rejoice. However, as soon as something goes wrong it is enough reason to worry and turn to the doctor for help. The symptoms are often unspecific, therefore, only a specialist can diagnose that there are problems with the circulatory system. Detailed examinations are needed to pinpoint the trouble. These are performed by a neurosonologist using the latest equipment.

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Neurosonology is the examination of the blood vessels of the neck and head by duplex ultrasound. Specialists recommend it in all cases when changes in blood vessels and diseases that may affect the bloodstream are suspected.

This examination is most often required if there is:

  • suspected vascular atherosclerosis;
  • high or low blood pressure;
  • elevated blood cholesterol level;
  • headache or dizziness of unknown origin;
  • fainting;
  • other neurological symptoms.

Duplex ultrasound

Our clinic offers Duplex ultrasound of the blood vessels of the head and neck. It is a type of vascular ultrasound that is performed to assess blood flow in the arteries of the head and neck. The equipment shows both the anatomical image and, most importantly, the direction and speed of blood flow, which in turn allows the doctor to assess the changes in blood vessels caused by the disease and their functional condition. Duplex uses two types of ultrasound, hence the name.

There is no reason to fear this examination. The procedure is non-invasive and painless. The examination is suitable for everyone and is harmless, as it is not related to ionising radiation. It can be performed without any worries at any age and can be repeated as needed.

When is Duplex ultrasound of the carotid arteries used?

  • To assess vascular wall thickness and possible narrowing. If blood flow to the carotid artery is disrupted for any reason, there can be complaints of headache, dizziness, confusion, drowsiness, temporary blindness in one eye, temporary speech problems, and possibly sensory and movement problems. All of these signs may indicate a stroke, therefore a detailed examination is more than necessary.
  • To assess the success of blood flow restoration procedures to end, continue or possibly correct them.
  • To detect the possible separation of the vascular wall layers.
  • To assess the blood flow in the carotid arteries before surgery, especially if heart valve surgery or other major surgery is expected.

Thanks to the method of Doppler ultrasonography, nowadays it is possible to perform detailed examinations, which are critical for the diagnosis of many diseases, such as examinations of blood vessels of the head and neck, peripheral nerves, joints, abdomen, and thyroid gland. The method also allows the detection of congenital vascular problems, including vasoconstriction and the occlusion of arteries, atherosclerosis, and other health risks.

When should you see a neurosonologist?

The examination of the head and neck blood vessels is recommended in the case of headache, dizziness, high blood pressure, cholesterol metabolism disorders, deformity of the cervical spine, or another symptom that needs to be clarified. Duplex ultrasonography allows the doctor to assess the situation even after a stroke, as well as head and neck injuries. Abdominal examinations can be very informative to your doctor to identify, for example, kidney or other organ problems due to high blood pressure.

Whatever the problem, our clinic welcomes you with friendly staff and knowledgeable specialists who use ultrasonographic and neurosonological methods to obtain complete information about the state of health, make an accurate diagnosis, as well as select the most appropriate treatment, the success of which can, moreover, be ascertained by using the methods already mentioned.

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