PRICELIST OF GK NEIROKLĪNIKA, in effect as of 01.05.2022
Medical institution code 0100 – 01517

GK Neiroklīnika is a private medical clinic and all services provided are subject to a fee.

CodeServicePrice €
 Neurologist, algologist 
236First consultation of a neurologist, 30 min. – 1 h60.00
237Repeated consultation of a neurologist (within a period of 2 months), 20 – 45 min.55.00
240First consultation of a professor in neurology, 40 min. – 1 h90.00
256Repeated consultation of a professor in neurology (within a period of 2 months), 30 – 45 min.80.00
241First consultation of an algologist-neurologist, 1 h75.00
242Repeated consultation of an algologist-neurologist (within a period of 2 months), 30 min.70.00
257First consultation of an algologist, 1 h65.00
258Repeated consultation of an algologist (within a period of 2 months), 30 min.60.00
248Consultation of potential diagnostics, performance of manipulations or therapy abroad, 30 min.55.00
387Ultrasound examination of brachiocephalic (neck) blood vessels in adults.55.00
389Transcranial ultrasound examination of (head) blood vessels in adults.55.00
391Testing of autonomous (vegetative) nervous system, 30 min.50.00
 Neurologist, pediatrician – sleep disorder specialist 
462First consultation of a pediatrician – sleep disorder specialist60.00
406Repeated consultation of a pediatrician – sleep disorder specialist (within a period of 2 months)55.00
401First consultation of a neurologist – sleep disorder specialist60.00
402Repeated consultation of a neurologist – sleep disorder specialist (within a period of 2 months)55.00
427Diagnostics by using polysomnography method (in outpatient care) 24 h125.00
428Diagnostics by using polysomnography method (in outpatient care) 48 h190.00
473Diagnostics by using one time use polysomnography method device WatcPAT ONE (in outpatient care) 24 h200.00
215First consultation of a neuro-ENT, 30 min.70.00
216Repeated consultation of a neuro-ENT (within a period of 2 months), 20 – 30 min.65.00
380Audiogram – hearing threshold testing25.00
350Tympanometry – with impedance measurements, determination of the motility of eardrum – ossicle system with graphical representation of the curve path.15.00
366Head impulse test (HIT) – examination of vestibular apparatus40.00
 Traumatologist-orthopedist first visit – 30 minutes55.00
 Traumatologist-orthopedist repeated visit within two months – 20-30 minutes50.00
217Psychiatry consultation 40 min.70.00
219First consultation of a rheumatologist, 45 min.85.00
220Repeated consultation of a rheumatologist (within a period of 2 months), 30 – 45 min.75.00
243First consultation of a cardiologist, 20 – 30 min.70.00
255Repeated consultation of a cardiologist (within a period of 2 months), 15 – 20 min.65.00
225First consultation of an arrhythmologist, 20 – 30 min.75.00
226Repeated consultation of an arrhythmologist (within a period of 2 months), 15 – 20 min.70.00
398ECG Holter monitoring 24 h55.00
399ECG Holter monitoring 48 h75.00
400ECG Holter monitoring 72 h105.00
407ECG Holter monitoring 96 h120.00
408ECG Holter monitoring 120 h150.00
409ECG Holter monitoring 144 h170.00
410ECG Holter monitoring 168 h190.00
411Blood pressure monitoring 24 h55.00
454Testing of a single-chamber (VVI or AAI) cardiac pacemaker (ACP) functionality, programming and a consultation of an arrhythmologist85.00
466Testing of a dual-chamber (DDD) cardiac pacemaker (ACP) functionality, programming and a consultation of an arrhythmologist85.00
467Testing of a single-chamber (VVI) and dual-chamber implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) functionality, programming and a consultation of an arrhythmologist85.00
468Testing of biventricular pacemaker (CRT/CRT-D), programming thereof and a consultation of an arrhythmologist85.00
244First consultation of an infectologist, 30 – 45 min.60.00
245Repeated consultation of an infectologist (within a period of 2 months), 20 min.50.00
238First consultation of a Dr Med. neurosurgeon, 20 – 30 min.70.00
230Repeated consultation of a Dr Med. neurosurgeon (within a period of 2 months), 20 min.65.00
708Nerve block (including material and medication costs)60.00
709Therapeutic epidural block (including material and medication costs)90.00
455Ultrasound examination of the abdomen60.00
456Ultrasound examination of thyroid gland55.00
457Ultrasound examination of soft tissues60.00
482Ultrasound examination of lymph nodes60.00
461Ultrasound examination of the joint55.00
458Ultrasound examination of symmetrical joints80.00
394Ultrasound examination of peripheral nerves (for one pair of nerves)55.00
395Ultrasound examination of peripheral nerves (for two pairs of nerves)75.00
396Ultrasound examination of peripheral nerves (for three pairs of nerves)95.00
459Ultrasonographic examination recording on a USB memory stick10.00
 Short visit 
235Short visit of a physician (commenting of analysis results, test results, drafting prescriptions) 15 – 20 min.30.00
631Trigeminal neuromodulation for headaches with CEFALY@ 20 min.20.00
707Block of trigger points for one localisation40.00
706Block of trigger points for two localisations50.00
647Onabotulinum toxin injections for the therapy of chronic migraine (consultation; medications; injections)500.00
 Electromyography, neurography 
392Diagnostics of myasthenic reaction65.00
463Diagnostics of carpal tunnel syndrome55.00
452Neurography with computerised data processing75.00
453Electromyography (EMG) with computerised data processing (no more than four nerve roots are examined during one test)90.00
393Quantitative sensory testing 30 – 45 min.50.00
450Quantitative sudomotor axial reflex test SUDOSCAN (autonomous and sensory fiber testing)50.00
326Computerised electroencephalography for adults, 1 h65.00
470Computerised electroencephalography for children, 1 h65.00
388Computerised electroencephalography for children in sleep, 1.5 h110.00
424Computerised electroencephalography in sleep – in the event of the failure to fall asleep20.00
387Computerised electroencephalography for children or adults while awake and asleep 1.5 – 2 h130.00
469Computerised electroencephalography for adults in sleep, 1.5 – 2 h110.00
401Drafting of a prescription20.00
429Issue of a prescription20.00
430Recording of medical examination on an electronic CD data carrier20.00
431Sending of a registered letter10.00
432Translation of medical documentation with confirmation of the translator (One A4 format page)20.00
705I/V injection without medication costs15.00
704I/M injection without medication costs10.00
703S/C injection without medication costs10.00
702Placement of I/V injection system without medication costs20.00
 Blood count 
509Performance of tests for the diagnostics of Fabry and Pompe diseasesfree of charge
 Courier services 
433TNT courier services for the transportation of test samples60.00
 Neuroimmunological and neurogenetic tests  
501Surface antibody autoimmune encephalitis IgG panel (NMDA, AMPA 1/2, GABA-B, LGI1, CASPR2,VGKC)260.00
502Analysis CXCL1390.00
503Avidity index Toxoplasma IgG90.00
504Total Tau2 tests90.00
505pTau2 tests90.00
506Onconeural antibody panel: Neuronal Antigens profile amphiphysin, CV2, PNMA2 (Ma-2), Ri, Yo, Hu, Recoverin, SOX1160.00
507Myositis antibody panel: Mi-2alpha, Mi-2beta, TIF1gamma, MDA5, NXP2, SAE1, Ku, PM100, PM75, Jo-1, SRP, PL-7, PL-12, EJ, OJ, Ro-52 (code 1530)160.00
508Surface receptor and onconeural antibody panel: Neural Ab IFT, Hu, Ri, ANNA-3, Yo, Tr / DNER, myelin, Neural Ab IFT, Ma / Ta, GAD65, amphiphysin, aquaporin-4, glutamate receptor (type NMDA, AMPA ), GABAA / B receptor, LGI1, CASPR2, ZIC4, DPPX, glycine receptor, mGluR1, mGluR5, Rho-GTPase activating protein 26, ITPR1, CARPVIII, Homer 3, MOG, recoverin, neurochondrine, GluRD2, flotillin, IgLON5310.00
540Analysis of GM1 IgM75.00

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