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Dace Ziemele


Education and experience

Dace Ziemele is a neurologist, who specialises in the examination, diagnostics and therapy of movement disorders and autonomous nervous system function disorders. She has accumulated practical experience at several medical institutions of Latvia, as well as during her internship at specialised motion disorder centres in Italy and the Netherlands. Along with her work as a neurologist, Dace Ziemele works as a lecturer of neurology at the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery of Rīga Stradiņš University. Motion disorders are highly variable, and the correct diagnosis thereof can cause difficulties, even for a neurologist. Thoroughness, co-operation with the patient and patience of both parties is especially important in this area, because, sometimes a longer period of time is required to determine the precise diagnosis and adapt the therapy to the patient, therefore, when admitting patients with movement disorders, she not only ensures a modern approach to examinations, but also a personal attitude. Upon the evaluation of the neurological status, she pays attention to the previous experience and the story of each patient, their individual risks and complaints. Considering all of the above, the objectives can be set and reached jointly.



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