Līga Mekša



Education and experience

In addition to the diploma of a physician and a neurologist as the principal speciality, which was obtained from Rīga Stradiņš University, Līga Mekša has obtained diplomas in additional specialities of an algologist and neurosonologist. In addition to basic studies, the doctor has obtained international experience and knowledge at Vienna General Hospital under the lead of Prof. Dr Kristian Weber and university Prof. Dr Çiçek Weber-Bingel, as well as at the Danish Headache Centre under the lead of Prof. Messoud Ashina, etc. “Acute and chronic pain of different types rank among the most common complaints in a medical practice. Pain relief that is promptly diagnosed and adapted to the particular patient reduces the suffering of the patient and promotes not only physical, but also mental health. The demyelinating diseases of the central nervous system are one of the main causes of disability among young people. Prompt diagnostics and therapy of the disease improves the long-term health of the patient and reduces the possibility of disability.”



Consultation of a neurologist



Consultation of an algologist



Consultation of a neurosonologist



Ultrasound of blood vessels of the head and neck



Onabotulinum toxin injections against headaches



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