Marta Celmiņa



Education and experience

Paediatrician Marta Celmiņa received her principal education at the Faculty of Medicine of Rīga Stradiņš University and graduated training in paediatric medicine at the University of Latvia. Furthermore, the doctor has improved her skills by attending different courses and student practice exchange in the United Kingdom, Panama, Romania and Armenia. Marta Celmiņa accumulated her practical experience as a trainee physician at the Children’s Clinical University Hospital, as well as in the status of a residency student at the Children’s Clinical University Hospital and at the University of Latvia. Doctor Marta Celmiņa regularly participates in different international conferences (in Germany, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, etc.) on the issue of sleep, as well as gives regular presentations on the topic of sleep at different conferences. Currently, Marta Celmiņa actively conducts several studies on sleep hygiene, the use of electronic devices in children up to the age of two years in the Baltic states, etc.



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