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Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Electrocardiogram or ECG allows one to receive important information on the possible signs of acute ischaemia in patients with chest pain, significant heart rhythm disorders, increase in the dimension of certain parts of the heart and other heart function disorders. This method allows one to determine the health status of the heart and to monitor the course of diseases that are associated with heart functions.

Duration of the examination

Approximately 5-10 minutes


No preliminary preparation is required.


The examination is non-invasive and painless.


There are no limitations.


Enables determining of the health status of the heart and monitoring the course of diseases that are associated with the health of the heart.


The physician provides an examination report.

Diagnostic principles

A special device – electrocardiograph – is used to register the electrocardiogram (ECG), which displays fluctuations of electric potentials caused by the function of the heart muscle. 10 electrodes (leads), which are connected to an electrocardiograph device, are attached to the body of the patient during the examination. The approximate time of recording of the electrocardiogram is 5-10 minutes.

What is an electrocardiogram or ECG?

Electrocardiogram is one of the most important methods of examination of the heart, which is used to diagnose various diseases of the heart. ECG is the record of the electric impulses of the heart at rest, not during usual activity of the person, and, therefore, additional examinations are often required to obtain more information on the health of the heart.

Electrocardiogram allows one to determine the health of the heart and follow the course of diseases, for instance:

  • myocardial infarction;
  • inflammation of heart muscle (myocarditis) or heart valves;
  • disorders of heart impulse conductivity;
  • arrhythmias;
  • changes caused by elevated blood pressure;
  • heart valve defects;
  • pericarditis;
  • as well as changes post myocardial infarction (scarring, healing).

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