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Laser therapy against pain - Procedure and consultation

Laser therapy against pain – procedure and consultation

High intensity laser therapy (HILT), which helps in reducing pain in different joints, back pain of different localisation, muscle and tendon pain, etc. High intensity laser therapy allows one to reach deeper tissue locations and, at the same time, to ensure bio-stimulating, painkilling and anti-inflammatory effect. The effect of the therapy is quick and the therapy has no adverse side effects. The maximum power of high intensity laser therapy exceeds that of low intensity laser therapy by more than 50 times.

Duration of the procedure

Approximately 20 minutes.


No preliminary preparation is required.


The procedure is non-invasive and painless.


There are no limitations.

Advantages of the method

Absence of side effects. Three types of effect on the tissue. Absence of surgical intervention.


Quick and efficient therapy without surgical intervention.

Principles of the procedure

High intensity laser therapy is considered to be revolutionary, since it ensures power, deep access and three different effects (biostimulating, pain killing and anti-inflammatory) on the tissue.

Therapeutic effect is reached by using the light with defined characteristics and varying wavelength: 810/980 or 1064 nm.

Laser therapy activates haemoglobin oxygenation, optimises the function of thermal receptors and mechanical receptors and activates metabolism processes at the cellular level. Nowadays, high intensity laser therapy offers a quick and efficient painless therapy for a wide range of clinical indications without the need for surgical intervention, starting from various traumatic injuries to degenerative joint diseases.

Depending on the character of trauma, the physiotherapist will select a suitable programme. The traumatised site is treated with a high intensity laser beam. The laser beam accesses the deepest tissue and promotes the recovery of tissue – inflammation and pain are reduced. A physiotherapist or a physician usually recommends a certain number of sessions that are required to reach the desired result. Usually they include 4-10 procedures.

Health problems that are commonly treated by using high intensity laser therapy

  • Various types of joint pain.
  • Inflammation of the soft tissue of muscle tendons and joints: tendinitides, enthesopathies, bursitides.
  • Epicondylitides.
  • Compression neuropathies: carpal tunnel syndrome and other.
  • Vertebral column pain of various localisations.
  • Myofascial pain.
  • Traumatic injuries of muscles and tendons.
  • Pain caused by heel spurs.