Neuroimmunological and neurogenetic tests - prices

Surface antibody autoimmune encephalitis IgG panel (NMDA, AMPA 1/2, GABA-B, LGI1, CASPR2,VGKC) 260,00 EUR
Analysis CXCL13 90,00 EUR
Avidity index Toxoplasma IgG 90,00 EUR
Total Tau2 tests 90,00 EUR
pTau2 tests 90,00 EUR
Onconeural antibody panel: Neuronal Antigens profile amphiphysin, CV2, PNMA2 (Ma-2), Ri, Yo, Hu, Recoverin, SOX1 160,00 EUR
Myositis antibody panel: Mi-2alpha, Mi-2beta, TIF1gamma, MDA5, NXP2, SAE1, Ku, PM100, PM75, Jo-1, SRP, PL-7, PL-12, EJ, OJ, Ro-52 (code 1530) 160,00 EUR
Surface receptor and onconeural antibody panel: Neural Ab IFT, Hu, Ri, ANNA-3, Yo, Tr / DNER, myelin, Neural Ab IFT, Ma / Ta, GAD65, amphiphysin, aquaporin-4, glutamate receptor (type NMDA, AMPA ), GABAA / B receptor, LGI1, CASPR2, ZIC4, DPPX, glycine receptor, mGluR1, mGluR5, Rho-GTPase activating protein 26, ITPR1, CARPVIII, Homer 3, MOG, recoverin, neurochondrine, GluRD2, flotillin, IgLON5 310,00 EUR
TNT courier services for the transportation of test samples 60,00 EUR

Neuroimmunological and neurogenetic tests

We perform neuroimmunological and neurogenetic tests, as well as diagnostic tests of oncological diseases in co-operation with laboratories in Germany, Great Britain and Estonia. These tests enable diagnosis within the shortest possible notice or early diagnosis of disease risks that enable early therapy or preventive procedures.

Duration of the examination

Approximately 5-10 minutes


No preliminary preparation is required.


Test samples of blood from the vein. The examination is painless.


There are no limitations.


A possibility of quick tests for the early diagnosis or detection of disease risks.


Depending on the specific nature of tests, the patient will receive test results within 7-30 days.


Diagnostic principles

The test samples of blood taken from the vein serve as the basis for the examination. The specific nature of the test involves laboratory testing of the blood sample. Depending on the specific nature of tests, the blood samples are sent to a laboratory that specialises in the performance of the particular tests by using air courier mail.

Tests for the diagnosis of autoimmune and oncological diseases

Onconeural and surface receptor antibodies are determined in the event of various oncological and autoimmune nervous system diseases, for instance:

  • tumours of various localisation;
  • autoimmune polyneuropathy;
  • A disease of the autonomous nervous system;
  • myasthenia;
  • autoimmune encephalitis/meningitis;
  • demyelinating diseases;
  • central and peripheral nervous system diseases of unspecified origin.

Genetic tests

Examinations that are performed to determine the potential disease that is caused by changes in the genes is called genetic testing. We offer a wide range of genetic tests in co-operation with genetic laboratories in Estonia and Germany.

These tests are performed in the event of a particular genetic disease, as well as in absolutely healthy people to exclude common mutations.

The principal method is based on the approach of sequence determination, including sequencing that permits the detection of disease mutations and changes in the genes precisely and with a high level of credibility.

Diseases of central, as well as peripheral nervous system disorders could be genetically determined:

  • polyneuropathies;
  • balance and co-ordination disorders;
  • diseases that affect muscle strength of the patient;
  • muscle diseases;
  • diseases that are associated with the patient’s memory and behaviour;
  • epilepsy;
  • headaches;
  • stroke.

Tests, in the event of suspected Fabry or Pompe disease

Tests, in the event of suspected Fabry or Pompe disease may be performed at GK Neiroklīnika. These are congenital diseases with the following symptoms or manifestations: muscle weakness, dyspnoea, stroke, polyneuropathy, renal failure, especially in the cases where young people are ill.

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