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Onabotulinum toxin injections for the therapy of chronic migraine (consultation; medications; injections) 500,00 EUR

Onabotulinum toxin injections against headaches

Onabotulinum toxin injections against headaches is one of the methods that enables people with frequent and severe migraines to improve their quality of life. Onabotulinum toxin injections may be performed, if frequent migraine headaches have been registered for the particular patient. Injections must be performed every 12 weeks on average.

Duration of the examination

Approximately 15-30 minutes


A calendar of headaches needs to be filled out prior to the procedure, all issues must be discussed with the physician, possibly, the use or dosages of some medicinal products must be reduced.


Punctures with a tiny needle – moderately painful.


Injections may not be performed in pregnant and breastfeeding women. Must not be injected into people, who are sensitive to A type botulinum toxin.


Improvement in the quality of life — significantly reduced intensity and frequency of migraine headaches. An opportunity to limit the use of analgesic medications.


Usually, the aforementioned results are observed after 10-12 days.

Principles of the method

A tiny needle is used by the physician to inject onabotulinum toxin directly under the skin of the patient. 7 injections into the forehead, 10 injections into the occipital area, 4 into the skin of each temporal area and 6 injections in the area of the shoulders. The performance of injections is a short procedure – it lasts for a total of approximately 15 minutes – but, after the procedure, the physician may ask the patient to stay for some time in order to make sure that the patient feels well.

After the procedure

It is recommended to spend the day in a relaxed manner after the procedure: do not do sports, as well as avoid scratching or otherwise irritating the injection sites. It is important to continue records in your headache calendar to evaluate the efficacy of the procedure. Usually the repeated injections are required in three months.

Onabotulinum toxin injections and migraine

Each patient has an individual response to onabotulinum toxin injections. In some patients, the intensity of migraine headaches or the frequency of occurrence thereof reduces considerably, while in other patients the reduction is moderate. To enable the evaluation of the efficacy of the method by the physician in every individual case, it is important to make detailed records in the headache diary before and after the procedure.

Typically, this method is recommended for people, who have established that headaches occur at least 15 days per month with at least 8 days of headaches having the signs of migraine.

Potential adverse side effects

Like any other medicinal product, onabotulinum toxin injections may cause adverse side effects: headaches, migraine, weakness of the muscles of the forehead, itching, rash, etc. If you observe side effects, immediately contact your physician.

In very rare cases excessive weakness of muscles, dyspnoea, difficulty breathing and articulating speech or the signs of allergy: swelling, urticaria, etc. are possible. In this case, immediately notify your physician of the symptoms or contact emergency medical care personnel, if your physician is not available.

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