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Testing and programming of pacemakers

Testing and programming of pacemakers

Regular checks of pacemakers are important for patient safety. After implantation, it is recommended to perform checks of pacemakers once every two years. Later – once per year

Pacemaker testing is required to ensure that the patient is always safe, to forecast and schedule battery replacement of the pacemaker and other manipulations with it that may be necessary.

Duration of the procedure

Approximately 30 minutes.


No preliminary preparation is required.


The procedure is non-invasive and painless.


There are no limitations.

Advantages of the service

Non-invasive pacemaker function testing and programming.


The physician provides an examination report.

Principles of the method

Depending on the pacemaker, the physician who performs testing selects one of the four devices that are specially designed to test and program the particular type of pacemaker.

The required procedures are performed during the pacemaker test. These procedures are determined by the manufacturer of pacemaker, including the tests of the battery life, if required, various adjustments that need to be made, etc.

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