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Headache office of GK Neiroklīnika is one of the infrequent specialised headache offices in Latvia. Comprehensive headache care performed by experienced neurologists and physiotherapists is offered here. A multiple-profile therapy plan is drawn up for the patient, which contains individually adjusted changes in lifestyle, occupations and medicinal therapy.

What are headaches

Headaches arise in the head or cervical spine. The pain arises in tissue and structures that surround the cervical spine, skull or brain. Neither the brain, nor spinal cord contain nerves that cause painful sensations, therefore the tissue that surrounds the cranial bones and muscles, paranasal sinuses, ears, eyes, as well as tissue that covers the surface of brain and spinal cord, arteries, veins and nerves is causing pain. Headaches can be sharp, dull, pulsating, homogeneous, light or intensive.

Primary and secondary headaches are differentiated.

  • Primary headaches are headaches that lack a specific explanation and treatable cause, for instance, migraine, tension or cluster headaches.
  • Secondary headaches are based on another treatable or transitory disease, for instance, influenza with elevated body temperature, inflammation of nasal mucous membrane, eye inflammation, inflammation of the blood vessels of the head or inflammation of the teeth.

Nowadays not only secondary headaches can be treated by treating the specific cause of headaches, but also primary headaches – headaches that do not have a specific explicable cause.

Therapy methods

Evaluation of the general neurological status, which provides insight on the potential causes of the headaches and preferable therapy options to the physician, lies at the basis of therapy.

  • Medication therapy. Individualised medication therapy recommendations are provided on the basis of the diagnosis, history of the use of medicinal products, as well as recommendations of European Pain Federation (EFIC) and clinical experience of physician specialising in headaches.
  • Physiotherapy. The physiotherapist of the headache unit of GK Neiroklīnika will prescribe physiotherapy that will enable you to improve your well-being and balance your body movements. Our physiotherapist will determine a set of therapeutic exercises suitable for you in particular.
  • Therapy of headaches caused by medications or detoxification. We offer to receive specialised infusions of medicinal products to treat drug-induced headaches.

If required, medication blocks of painful points (trigger points), neuromodulation of trigeminal nerve with Cefaly ® device and, in special cases of chronic migraine therapy – onabotulinum toxin blocks are performed.

Headache diary

Download the headache diary and make records in the diary to help physician understand your daily life and, thus, better assess potential causes of your headaches, as well as diagnostic and therapy solutions.

Дневник головной боли
Galvassāpju dienasgrāmata

Ultrasound of blood vessels of the head and neck
24 h blood pressure monitoring
Onabotulinum toxin injections against headaches