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OMA riska tests

OMA Risk test

Do you snore? Do you often feel tired or sleepy during the day? Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Are you obese? Here is a simple test to measure your risk of obstructive sleep apnea. Pleases leave your e-mail or phone number to keep in touch with you if necessary.

GK Neiroklīnikas Galvassāpju kabinets galvassāpes


Headache office of GK Neiroklīnika is one of the infrequent specialised headache offices in Latvia. Comprehensive headache care performed by experienced neurologists and physiotherapists is offered here. A multiple-profile therapy plan is drawn up for the patient, which contains individually adjusted changes in lifestyle, occupations and medicinal therapy.

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miega dienasgramata gk noderigi en

Two week sleep diary / 15 healthy sleep habits

Here are 15 recommendations that will significantly improve your quality of sleep. You have probably been observing some of them already! If, as a result of observing these habits, your quality of sleep has not improved, apply for a consultation with a sleep specialist.

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Galvasapju kalendars un skalas en

Headache diary

Download the headache diary and make records in the diary to help the physician better understand your daily life and, thus, better assess the potential causes of your headaches, as well as diagnostic and therapy solutions.

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