Holter monitoring in Riga

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Holter monitoring is a 24-hour long recording of an electrocardiogram. Disposable electrodes are placed on the thorax of the patient. A small reading device – cardiac recorder – is connected to them. The recorder is usually attached to the belt (or elsewhere). The cardiac recorder is tiny and light. It can be conveniently hidden under clothing and is invisible. The examination (Holter monitoring) is performed in outpatient care. The patient continues their usual daily life, without any changes to their daily workload. We recommend keeping a diary during examination, where the patient records their well-being, registers complaints that occur during examination, their actions, medicinal products used. After one day of monitoring, the device is removed and the physician performs a detailed analysis of the ECG recording. This method is comfortable for the patients, painless and poses absolutely no harm to health.

Monitoring of blood pressure with the Holter method enables the physician who analyses the received data to determine heart rhythm disorders, trophic changes in the heart muscle and causes thereof by using the 24-hour long (or longer – up to 7 days) record of an electrocardiogram. The method enables specification of the type of arrhythmia, the frequency of rhythm disorder episodes and duration thereof. The examination is performed in patients with suspected heart rhythm disorders or other heart diseases.

The method is used in young patients, who happen to complain of periods of rapid heart rate, in athletes, as well as in elderly patients with a history of heart diseases (the method helps in the detection of angina pectoris cases, as well as in the detection of asymptomatic ischaemia episodes). This examination is also performed, if the patient has vertigo, slow pulse, flickers in front of their eyes, morning weakness or pronounced fatigue during the day, fainting, periodic or constant pain in the region of the heart, dyspnoea, palpitations during physical work or emotional stress.

Blood pressure monitoring with the Holter method by professional specialists – at GK Neiroklīnika. Apply for Holter monitoring in Riga, Brīvības gatve 410. More detail about the service



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